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The Womanizer DUO Pleasure Air Clitoral Stimulator & G-Spot Vibrator is the perfect sensual companion for the discerning pleasure toy aficionado who refuses to settle for less than perfect!

It combines the best of both worlds: a clitoral stimulator that indulges your lust using gentle changes in air pressure, and a vibrator that fills you completely.

Equipped with the most powerful motor currently on the market and ten surprising stimulation patterns that you can activate as desired, the vibrator provides intense G-Spot massage. The Womanizer Duo is more than a sex toy. It arouses new, mind-blowing feelings.

The tonality of the Womanizer Duo is self-confident, sensual, and mature – and open or straightforward. After all, it is aimed at those who know what they want and what they need.

Feel full and complete pleasure! The Womanizer Duo stimulates you two ways at once: While gentle air oscillations arouse your clitoris, vibrations massage your G-Spot. Duo offers an unprecedented level of pleasure.

Feel the difference! The Womanizer Duo is designed and crafted with premium quality, lending it a unique and elegant look and feel. The clitoral stimulator is equipped with Smart Silence Technology, which means that the Womanizer Duo only starts up when it first comes into contact with the skin. It remains in standby mode until then and goes back to standby mode when the Duo is removed from the body. So you won’t have to worry about annoying vibration sounds when the Duo is not in use – even when enjoying it with your partner.

Feel unique! Find your perfect stimulation. Even if it's different every time. Both the clitoral stimulator and the vibrator of the Duo offer 12 intensity levels – from gentle teasing to wild, thrilling passion. And there’s more: the powerful vibrator has ten different stimulation patterns and can be adjusted to suit your individual desires. Like all Womanizer models, the Duo is based on innovative Pleasure Air™ Technology, giving you a unique orgasm.

Powerful! The vibrator in the Womanizer Duo is equipped with a We-Vibe motor, which provides the most powerful, rumbly vibrations available. The curved vibrator is ideally shaped to reach and stimulate the G-Spot.

Technology-Breakthrough barriers: the innovative Pleasure Air ™ Technology was specially developed for you and your body. It tantalizes your clitoris by sucking and massaging changes in air pressure. At the same time, the vibrator stimulates your G-Spot with a powerful motor – the most powerful currently available on the market. So you can reach new, previously unknown heights of pleasure.

Smart Silence- Your Womanizer Duo features the innovative Smart Silence function. It ensures that your sensual companion only starts the tantalizing interplay between clitoral stimulation and vibration once the stimulation head comes into contact with your skin. Until contact, the Duo remains in standby mode, which you can see by the light in the head. If the stimulation head is removed from your body and placed to one side – because you want to concentrate on your partner, for example – the Duo goes back to standby mode. So you can use the Duo or put it to one side at any time, without having to press buttons or worry about annoying vibration sounds.

Ergonomic Shape - The Womanizer Duo has a pleasantly smooth, skin-friendly silicone surface. The vibrator and clitoral stimulator are seamlessly connected in a one-piece design, so the Duo works perfectly with your unique curves.

Intensity Levels and Vibration Modes- What kind of pleasure are you in the mood for today – intense, tender, powerful, gentle? The clitoral stimulator and the vibrator both have 12 intensity levels to choose from. That alone provides tantalizing interplay. But there's more: the vibrator also has ten additional vibration modes, so you can always find the right pleasure combination for you. These modes will trick and tease your G-Spot to new surprising and harmonic heights of pleasure.

Adjust the different levels and patterns using the intuitive buttons to get exactly what you need at that moment.

Waterproof - Want to give your showerhead a break and take your Womanizer Duo for a refreshing dip instead? Go for it: the Womanizer Duo is 100% waterproof.

Charging Time -  One charge gives you 120 minutes of uninterrupted pleasure. The Womanizer Duo comes with a USB cord with magnetic charging pins and can be easily charged in just a short period of time.

Hygiene - Cleaning your Womanizer is just as easy as using it. You just need warm water and a sex toy cleaner or antibacterial soap. And don’t worry: your new lover is only made from body-friendly materials.

Measurements - Total Length: 8", Insertable length: 3", Width: 4.72", Insertable width: 1.25"


  • Pleasure Air™ Technology
  • Pleasure Air: 12 intensity levels
  • Vibrator: 12 intensity levels
  • 10 vibration modes
  • Smart Silence™
  • Standby Mode
  • Waterproof IPX7
  • Super soft silicone skin (hypoallergenic and medical grade)
  • Stimulator head in the same color as the device
  • One white LED with power and charging indication, placed in the stimulator head
  • USB cord with magnetic charging pins
  • High-quality silk storage bag with a small whip and Womanizer coins
  • Quick Start User Guide in the Box in 11 languages
  • Comprehensive Manual on the Website in 15 languages
  • Additional stimulation head size L


  • Womanizer Duo
  • 2 x Silicone Stimulation Heads
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Storage Bag
  • Operating Instructions