Oxballs Claw Penetrator And Pegger Glove - Black

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Slide your hand in, flex, and bend 3 different squishy-soft dildos each that spot as no other penetrator or vibrator can.

CLAW is a soft, rubbery glove designed to transform your hand into the ultimate hole explorer2 fingers in each dildo means more stretch and more flex to finger and fill where you want it most. Ox Balls morphed a rippled pegger shape onto a glove with a smooth mushroom-headed dildo and a single-digit nub-cove- Red thumb. These stretchy appendages are perfect for teasing and rubbing around a hole or getting just the right reach in that perfect spot. CLAW is made from our signature FLEXtpr so it stretches to fit almost any sized hand, adding more size, more length, and more reach for mild rubbing or deep penetration if you choose. You get total control use each pegger separately or stretch with 2 or all 3it`s also amazing for double penetration!

FEATURES: Made of super-soft, stretchy FLEXtpr with enough firmness for easy penetration. 3 digits with different textures for a unique sensation with each insertion. Soft, blubbery material stretches to fit you and melds like a thick second skin.

TOY DIMENSIONS: Total Length: 9.5 in.

Finger length: 3 4.75 in.

Total Width: 4 in.


Width: 10 in. Depth: 2.25 in.