Handipop Edible Handjob Massage Gel Blueberry Muffin 4.2oz

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Let your hands work their magic to give him a lap massage he will never forget.

HandiPop was created to be ultra slippery so that it extends the length of your hand massage, inviting him to enjoy every single one of your tickles, glides, squeezes, and caresses to his favorite body part. It is fun to use with just your hands, OR combine it with other men’s pleasure products like masturbation sleeves, textured toys, and anything with vibration. At the end of your hand massage, you can turn him into your favorite lollipop because this playful potion tastes absolutely amazing, which makes it a pleasure for both of you.

Suggested Use: SHAKE WELL. Generously apply Handi Pop Hand Magic to his intimate areas, and massage into the skin. Use more as desired for an extended massage.