How To Put On A Condom

by Sassy Box 1 min read

In order to protect yourself and your partner from any potential sexually-transmitted diseases or unwanted pregnancies, a condom is a necessary tool to keep in your arsenal.

Before you actually put the condom on, check the expiration date (yes, condoms do expire). Double-check to make sure the condom hasn't already been used. It's also wise to make sure there aren't any holes. Hold on to the very tip of the condom with your fingers. You don't want the condom to fit exactly on the penis because you need to leave room at the tip for the semen upon ejaculation. Once you have the tip secured in your hands, go ahead and roll the rest of the condom up the length of the penis. If your condom isn't already lubricated, it's okay to add a lubricant so that it doesn't feel uncomfortable for the man when it's time to put the condom on. 

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