Feminine Hygiene

by Sassy Box 2 min read

If you didn't already know, there's a part of sexual health that's really essential: feminine hygiene. Health and wellness aren't solely related to issues like massages and visits to the doctor. They also include your hygienic practices. In order to maintain optimal health for your feminine areas, you'll want to consider some of the following tips.

1. Clean your toys.
When it relates to your overall well-being, cleanliness is essential. However, this also pertains to your sex toys. Once you've used your sex toys, it's so important to thoroughly clean them. Granted, it's okay to wait until the morning after if you're concerned about ruining the moment. However, you don't want to let the germs sit and fester. After all, these toys are going in some of the most intimate areas of your body.

2. Create a dialogue surrounding concerns.
Most couples might be embarrassed to talk about this issue with one another, but it's important to be transparent regarding your hygienic expectations or concerns. If there's an offensive odor or unusually-colored discharge, this isn't something to sweep under the rug. Instead, have a conversation. If couples opt to bring a new bottle of lube into the bedroom, that same lube might not agree with one partner's body. Many women can't use certain bath and body products because of the sensitive nature of their bodies. When it pertains to health and wellness, it's wise to be extra cognizant and transparent about anything that looks, smells or feels unusual or odd.

3. Learn your body.
There are plenty of women who don't fully understand their bodies. This can lead to problems with feminine hygiene. Though it might not feel very feminine, get to know what's normal for you. You should know when your cycle is on its way. It's good to know what your scent is like. Know what foods tend to make you feel a certain way that's unhealthy. Sexual health isn't just about making sure your man is efficiently aroused at the right time. A huge portion of sexual health involves cleanliness and proper nutrition. Proper nutrition also involves how well you're keeping your insides clean so it's all connected.

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