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Oral sex is a part of most sexual experiences people have with their partners. Consider the following tips to make oral sex more pleasurable. 

1. How to give a blow job to your man and blow his mind!
There are very few men who don’t enjoy receiving oral sex. Start by giving him a kiss on his neck and slowly move down the stomach, kissing him and teasing him around his thighs. Then start kissing slowly the top of his penis. Not only does this foreplay build up sexual tension between the two of you but it gives you a chance to get to know his body. The wetter the better, dry blow jobs won’t feel good for him or you, we suggest using lube.  Flavored lubricants can add a juicy flavor, squirt a few drops into your hand and start to stroke his penis. Next, give him long licks from the base of his penis to the tip. Giving a great blow job means using all parts of your mouth. The tip of the penis is the most sensitive and you should pay the most attention to this area. Alternate between sucking, swirling your tongue around his penis and using your tongue to flicker around the head while moving your hand up and down his penis. Oh, and most importantly, don’t forget the balls, they need attention too. Use your fingers to delicately caress his balls and run your nails gently up this inner thighs.  His balls will get tighter when he will be getting close to cuming.

Congratulations! You’re an oral sex goddess! Don’t forget to keep your favorite vibrator, lube and other sex toys next to your bed because after you have given him the blow job of a lifetime, he may feel like treating you back too.

2. How to give oral sex to your women and blow her mind!

Oh, the vagina. How to make a girl have an orgasm and not fake it.  Let’s begin with the fact that most women need to be stimulated in the mind and the body before having an orgasm. You’ll want your woman to be totally comfortable, relaxed and completely connected to her body.  Have her lay back so she can let every muscle in her body go. Start by slowly massaging her, touching her and kissing her whole body starting at the neck and working your way down. Ask her if what you’re doing feel-goods. You’ll want to communicate with her during the entire process. She’ll tell you what feels good, so men, don’t be shy! As you’re working your way to her vagina, you’re going to want to concentrate on her clitoris. The clit is the women’s gateway to euphoria! It has around 8,000 nerve endings, which is more than twice what the penis has so this is the spot!  You should start to massage this area before using your tongue to get the blood flowing for full sensation for her. As a reminder, the clit isn’t a DJ booth either. Just relax a little and she’ll tell you what you need to do to reach climax. And when she does, keep your mouth on her clit for multiple orgasms. Congratulations she’s reached euphoria!

3. Tools & Toys

It's not uncommon for couples to get stuck in a rut. You can spice up the romance and intimacy by getting a subscription box to get a variety of sex toys, lubricants and more. In addition to using sex toys, try tools like tutorials and hand techniques to make the experience more euphoric, sexual and sensual.

Sexual experiences between couples can be such vulnerable and incredible ones to explore. As you learn what each other likes, it'll become a lot easier to provide and receive oral pleasure in a way that's memorable and soul-stirring. As you continue to promote the highest levels of sexual health with each other, have fun infusing the romance into your relationship with these three tips.

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