How to Set the Ambiance for Solo Pleasure

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Whether you're in a committed relationship or not, it's completely natural to want to partake in some pleasurable activities on your own. Personal pleasure is great because it can serve as a great stress reliever. Whenever you'd like to experience some relaxation, you can explore yourself. You might even decide that you'd like to infuse some romance into the equation by lighting a few candles and putting on some great music. Speaking of music, there are some great songs that can get you in the mood for self pleasure. To up the ante in the romance department, consider the following tunes when you're ready to indulge in pleasure.

1. “Joan of Arc,” by Little Mix
2. “Party for One,” by Carly Rae Jepson
3. “Dancing in Circles,” by Lady Gaga
4. “Pillow Talk,” by ZAYN
5. “Kicks,” by FKA Twigs
6. “Sex With Me,” by Rihanna
7. “Love Myself,” by Hailee Steinfeld
8. “Confident,” by Demi Lovato
9. “Turnin’ Me On,” by Keri Hilson
10. “Good for You,” by Selena Gomez
11. “Feeling Myself,” by Nicki Minaj

This particular list was compiled by Taylor Andrews, who is one of Cosmopolitan Magazine's Sex and Relationship editors. Cosmopolitan has always been a champion in facilitating an interesting dialogue around sexual health and wellness. Masturbation is a part of the sexual health and wellness conversation. So many men and women feel more confident after a great session of self pleasure. Though this type of stress reliever is always ideal when it's experienced with another person, it's not always available. In the meantime, you don't have to miss out on relaxation.

It's okay to make masturbation an experience. Include music in the equation. Run a bath for yourself. Throw a bath bomb or some bath oils into the tub. Add a few rose petals if you have the time. Once you finish your bath, use some luxurious creams, lotions and oils to moisturize your body. Take your time because you deserve it. Lingerie isn't just for you to experience while you're with someone. You can wear a teddy or some lingerie for yourself. You can enjoy your own view.

It's also a great idea to add some aphrodisiacs to the mix. The right foods can enhance your experience. Now is the time when it's okay to indulge in some chocolates. While you're listening to Drunk in Love, enjoy some champagne. Oysters and strawberries are great options as well.

So many women feel confident and empowered to explore what it means to be a sexual being. As a woman, you can enjoy pleasure on your own. Besides, when you feel the need for personal pleasure, a girls got to do what a girls got to do. 


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Three Steps to Orally Pleasing Your Partner 

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Oral sex is a part of most sexual experiences people have with their partners. Consider the following tips to make oral sex more pleasurable. 

1. How to give a blow job to your man and blow his mind!
There are very few men who don’t enjoy receiving oral sex. Start by giving him a kiss on his neck and slowly move down the stomach, kissing him and teasing him around his thighs. Then start kissing slowly the top of his penis. Not only does this foreplay build up sexual tension between the two of you but it gives you a chance to get to know his body. The wetter the better, dry blow jobs won’t feel good for him or you, we suggest using lube.  Flavored lubricants can add a juicy flavor, squirt a few drops into your hand and start to stroke his penis. Next, give him long licks from the base of his penis to the tip. Giving a great blow job means using all parts of your mouth. The tip of the penis is the most sensitive and you should pay the most attention to this area. Alternate between sucking, swirling your tongue around his penis and using your tongue to flicker around the head while moving your hand up and down his penis. Oh, and most importantly, don’t forget the balls, they need attention too. Use your fingers to delicately caress his balls and run your nails gently up this inner thighs.  His balls will get tighter when he will be getting close to cuming.

Congratulations! You’re an oral sex goddess! Don’t forget to keep your favorite vibrator, lube and other sex toys next to your bed because after you have given him the blow job of a lifetime, he may feel like treating you back too.

2. How to give oral sex to your women and blow her mind!

Oh, the vagina. How to make a girl have an orgasm and not fake it.  Let’s begin with the fact that most women need to be stimulated in the mind and the body before having an orgasm. You’ll want your woman to be totally comfortable, relaxed and completely connected to her body.  Have her lay back so she can let every muscle in her body go. Start by slowly massaging her, touching her and kissing her whole body starting at the neck and working your way down. Ask her if what you’re doing feel-goods. You’ll want to communicate with her during the entire process. She’ll tell you what feels good, so men, don’t be shy! As you’re working your way to her vagina, you’re going to want to concentrate on her clitoris. The clit is the women’s gateway to euphoria! It has around 8,000 nerve endings, which is more than twice what the penis has so this is the spot!  You should start to massage this area before using your tongue to get the blood flowing for full sensation for her. As a reminder, the clit isn’t a DJ booth either. Just relax a little and she’ll tell you what you need to do to reach climax. And when she does, keep your mouth on her clit for multiple orgasms. Congratulations she’s reached euphoria!

3. Tools & Toys

It's not uncommon for couples to get stuck in a rut. You can spice up the romance and intimacy by getting a subscription box to get a variety of sex toys, lubricants and more. In addition to using sex toys, try tools like tutorials and hand techniques to make the experience more euphoric, sexual and sensual.

Sexual experiences between couples can be such vulnerable and incredible ones to explore. As you learn what each other likes, it'll become a lot easier to provide and receive oral pleasure in a way that's memorable and soul-stirring. As you continue to promote the highest levels of sexual health with each other, have fun infusing the romance into your relationship with these three tips.

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Masturbate to Euphoria with These Top 5 Sex Toys

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Whether your man is out of town or you're in between relationships, masturbation is a method that can hold you over when you're in the mood. While you can have an incredible experience without men or extra help, it's a great idea to take things to the next level. Plus, if you'd like to experience some excitement, a sex toy can help you tremendously. To get started, there are few toys you should probably add to your repertoire as a woman who's willing to explore sex in new ways. 

1. Lelo Smart Wand Large Rechargeable Vibrator
This vibrator provides a shape that's similar to the penis. It is known for its ability to apply power. One of the main reasons why so many women love it is because of how quiet it is. Whether you're sharing a house with other roommates or skeptical if the walls are thin in your hotel room, you won't need to worry about being embarrassed. This discreet vibrator packs quiet power while providing stimulation for the entire vulva.

2. Desire Luxury Rechargeable Rabbit Ears Clitoral Vibrator
Whether you're using lubricants from our subscription box or waiting to enjoy romance with your partner, this vibrator is a perfect solution for the woman who wants to experience an orgasm at a deeper level. Because of the shape of the bunny ears, you're able to explore and experience sensations in different areas of your vulva. When you're able to cover more surface area, you'll explore new ways to feel an inspirational orgasm on your own. Many couples complain about not knowing how to get their partners to experience the ultimate climax. With this type of tool, a woman will have a better time communicating what she likes and wants. This will only make the intimacy and romance go even deeper.

3. Lelo Luna Beads
When it pertains to sexual health, a large part of the conversation becomes about condoms and ways to avoid STDs. However, couples are so much more complex than that. Plus, women deal with so many changes in their bodies as they age. One of them involves maintaining strength in the pelvic floor. A part of sexual health involves strengthening the pelvic floor for better intimacy and heightened orgasms. These beads can do both. Whether the men are lining up to take you out or not, you can still have a phenomenal time in the bedroom.

4. Fifty Shades Freed Feel So Alive Rechargeable Vibrating Pleasure Plug
If you're open to anal penetration, this is a great toy to consider. It's a butt plug that vibrates. The sensation will provide a different type of orgasm for sure. However, if you're hesitant and would like to ease into the idea, there are a few tips to adopt when you're about to approach butt plugs. First, it's wise to take things slow. Since you're exploring an area that might be new for you sexually, you don't want to hurt yourself by taking it all in at once. Remember to take deep breaths through the process. Then, it's wise to use water-based lubes as you use the plug.

5. Sexflesh Chiseled Chad Male Love Doll
If you're ready to get rid of your boyfriend pillow, say hello to Chiseled Chad. Many love this particular love doll and its ability to provide a phenomenal session. Don't be afraid to try a sex toy that comes with a great set of abs! This is the type of toy you might not find in a subscription box, but it'll definitely come in handy.

Don't be afraid to look up a few tutorials and reviews that others provide. Once you're able to get different perspectives on how to use the various toys, you'll be able to feel more confident about using them. Before long, you'll wonder how you ever survived without them.

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How to Introduce Sex Toys in the Bedroom

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When you and your partner first get into your relationship, the sparks tend to fly high. With one glance, you two can easily stimulate one another and have mind-blowing sex. However, life happens. Whether it's stress on the job or a stressful season in your relationship, there are times when sex isn't the hottest idea on the list of things to do. This is when it's important to get creative in finding ways to bring the spark into your intimate moments as a couple. For many couples, sex toys can do wonders for bringing excitement back into physical intimacy. Keep in mind that you don't need to be in a dry spell to bring toys into the bedroom. A toy can work for couples no matter what their relationship looks like (good or bad). However, there are a few key tips you'll want to include when you're getting started in this explorative journey together.

1. Clear Communication
When it comes to men and women, the communication struggle is real. That's why books like Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus can become best-sellers. Each one is trying to figure out the other because communication is essential to any healthy relationship. In this case, it's really important for both parties to communicate about their fears, insecurities, and curiosities through this experience with any toy. If a man feels insecure about the idea because he feels like he's not pleasing his woman right, the toy introduction might not go well.

2. Respect
In any relationship, it's essential for men and women to be respectful of each other. If you want the romance to go down the drain, disrespectful tones and attitudes will do the trick. Determine certain acts that are completely off-limits and stick to those boundaries. If one party feels pushed to do something they don't want to do, this can lead to some serious resentment. Always be respectful of your partner's comfort zone.

3. Small Beginnings
Take it slow. Don't pull out the big and complex contraptions. They can prove to be pretty intimidating if you don't know what you're doing. Look at a few reviews on YouTube or other websites to learn more about how to use a new toy. Don't be discouraged if you two don't get it right the first time. Practice makes perfect.

4. Discretion
When you're ordering a toy, you don't want it to show up in an obvious box on your doorstep. This is why a subscription box is such a dynamic idea. A subscription box will provide all of the interesting sexual gadgets and products, and your neighbors won't be all up in your business! Plus, a little secrecy might make the romance feel forbidden and spicy.

Physical intimacy and togetherness need to become major priorities within relationships. There are different ways to come together and develop an increased sense of intimacy with one another. While challenges and struggles can make a couple stronger, physical intimacy and exploration make the journey hot and pleasurable. As life provides its fair share of twists and turns, don't lose sight of the finer things in life and relationships.

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Six Ways to Increase Your Sexual Confidence this Summer

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As the temperature rises outside, it’s time to get ready for weeks of minimal clothing, fun vacations and intimidating date night moments with your partner. Just as the seasons change, women go through many seasons of their own. Whether you’ve gone through an emotionally debilitating loss of a loved one or you’re in the trenches of no sleep with a newborn, there are many reasons why women tend to struggle to find our sexual confidence again. Whether you had it and lost it or have never owned to begin with, know that you can have a different experience. When you’re intentional in these six areas, you can increase your sexual confidence and discover a brand-new feminine goddess within yourself.

1. Notice your energy.
There are times when a couple might want to enjoy a few minutes of sex before bedtime. Then, there are those weekend adventures that involve multiple sessions that are lengthier in nature. However, in order to have sex, you need to have the energy. If you tend to find yourself saying that you’re too tired to have sex, you might want to take a deeper look at why. Take a look at your schedule to consider whether you need to delegate a few tasks to other people. Notice how much rest you’re actually getting each night. It might be time to monitor your sleep regimen. The fatigue might be a result of a hormonal imbalance. It might be time to take a multi-vitamin or supplement that can help boost your energy.

2. Communicate with your partner.
With any relationship, communication is paramount. However, if you really look at the dynamics of a marriage or a romantic partnership, communication really fuels everything else. This is why it’s important to never assume. In fact, it might be best to over-communicate what you want to express. When you’re able to maintain a clear, open dialogue with your partner, you two will have a better chance of being on the same page. When you’re able to be open and honest with one another, this can translate to positivity in the bedroom. Sometimes, there are pent-up emotions that you two have never dealt with. If you think that doesn’t manifest in the bedroom, you’re sadly mistaken. Whether your relationship is in a rocky place or a good place, it’s always helpful to sit down with a counselor to work through different emotions. Communication is the key to intimacy. When you two are committed to communicating with each other without judgment or pretense, this can help you increase your confidence in the bedroom, in your relationship and in life. For women, life is a lot like spaghetti. Everything is intertwined. This is why a woman can see her husband doing the dishes and get turned on. It’s a basic chore, but what it represents is what makes a woman swoon.

3. Nutrition is key.
Hippocrates is famously quoted with the wise saying, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” In addition to eating foods that will support a healthy body, you’ll want to make sure you’re hydrated. While you’ll want to eat lots of healthy fruits, vegetables and grains, begin to intentionally incorporate foods that are considered aphrodisiacs. They’re called aphrodisiacs for a reason. With your breakfast, enjoy a latte made with maca root powder. Add some texture to your salad by topping it with pistachio nuts. Enjoy some steamed asparagus along with salmon for dinner. For a lovely date night at home, pop a bottle of champagne for an additional aphrodisiac. As these foods help you get in the mood, you’re more likely to feel more feisty.

4. Consume new material.

Read steamy material that teaches you more about how to try different positions and become more experimentative in the bedroom. Education is one of the most empowering assets a woman can gain. When you know more about a particular subject, you tend to be more confident about expressing it. There are so many amazing YouTube videos that teach more about different sex toys, tools and resources. As you learn more about different tools and experiences to try, talk to your partner regarding how you can explore these tools together. As you experiment, you’ll be able to have fun, laugh and enjoy each other on a different level. Plus, the more positivity and fun-filled experiences you can have, the more you’ll feel happy, confident and sexually satisfied.

5. Plan a vacation.
Whether you’re dealing with your mental health or your physical health, a sabbatical is paramount. This is why it’s important to plan times where you two can get away from regular life to connect with one another. If you can plan a weekend getaway once a quarter, this allows you two to get a chance to reset, recharge and connect. Never underestimate the power of a relaxing couples’ vacation.

6. Partake in consistent grooming.
One of the reasons why couples get bored is because they allow themselves to get stuck in a rut. To boost overall wellness, you’ll need to take a closer look at your grooming habits. If you don’t get pedicures and massages, it’s time to start setting aside some money to partake in grooming habits that will make you feel more feminine and sexually appealing. When you don’t feel beautiful, this will translate in the way you carry yourself. If you’ve never tried a waxing session, consider trying something new. Start going to the gym to get the endorphins going. As you work up a sweat and get into better shape, you’ll begin to feel more confident in your body. Consistent grooming habits are important parts of a good health and wellness regimen.

As you work on implementing these various tips, know that you might not have a euphoric experience overnight. Building sexual confidence takes time. However, embrace the process for what it is. When you can have a healthy and exciting sex life, this can impact your life in a physical, emotional and spiritual way that’s both satisfying and empowering. Even as you develop an open dialogue with your partner, this can lead to closer intimacy between you two. The strongest couples tend to go through the things that are supposed to tear them apart and find ways to build a stronger relationship with one another. Intimacy is essential in a relationship so this is why it’s important to focus, commit to the work and enjoy the ride.

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PRIDE 2019

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In flamboyantly florescent fashion, the iTunes desktop interface showcases the word ‘PRIDE’. The simple yet powerful words are followed up with a smaller caption that simply reminds the reader that it’s been fifty years since Stonewall. As a public indication for the celebration of Pride 2019, this serves as a sign that it’s a new day.

The Stonewall riots represented an explosion from a group of people who have been marginalized, attacked and discriminated against based on who they love. In 1969, the Stonewall riots served as the major catalyst that sent shockwaves around the world. It started a movement of pride, solidarity and a call for respect for those within the LGBTQIA community. Around the world, June is recognized as Pride month. The official National Pride Day tends to shift, but it’s usually the last Sunday of the month as the Stonewall riots took place on the last weekend of the month.

In order to heighten one’s sexual awareness, there needs to be an understanding and appreciation for sexual diversity. In order to raise children who feel safe, regardless of their sexual proclivity, the world needs to stop and recognize relationships and couples of all kinds. In a culture where heterosexuality has always been the norm, it has been a shift for millions to grapple with. The concept of “coming out” is still a difficult decision for many to face because they fear the judgment, scrutiny and backlash that can potentially come along with this type of revelation.

Even though the world has come a long way since Stonewall, there’s still a lot of work to do. There are Pride 2019 celebrations that happen all over the world. There are plenty of people who are having important conversations surrounding education awareness, sexual diversity on public platforms and through private forums. However, there are still a lot of people who struggle with accepting the diversity of couples that aren’t heterosexual.

Within pop culture and the media, there is more programming that educates those on the experiences of those within the LGBT community. Programs that promote intentionally thoughtful dialogue around sex, sexual health and education awareness are vital. Additionally, the understanding of relationships in many forms and the ability to respect others are important components of the global conversation surrounding the LGBT community.

Social media has also been an incredible force to encourage the unity and acceptance of those within the LGBT community. When a celebrity speaks out from a place of ignorance, it is quickly called out through the powers of social media. Platforms like Twitter and YouTube are where there is an ongoing dialogue surrounding sex and specific topics such as sexual health, sexual awareness and sexual diversity.

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Keeping Love Healthy

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When you’re looking to improve or experiment with your sexual intimacy, you might also want to consider the health aspect. For some people, health is a top priority. When a person is enjoying a lot of physical intimacy with their partner, studies suggest that they’re less likely to get the flu or a cold. This is because sexual intimacy encourages a stronger immune system. One of the reasons why so many people love a good workout is because of the rush of endorphins. That endorphin rush happens during a great sex session under the sheets too. Since sexual intimacy is considered a form of physical activity, couples can easily burn up to 200 calories within a 30-minute session. This is amazing for anyone looking to burn more calories without running on the treadmill. Whether you’re a single person or someone in a relationship, receiving a Sassy Box can stir up curiosity and encourage you to get out there and start exploring your sexual fantasies.

Sexual intimacy can be a vulnerable experience. When people know that they can use the sex toys found in Sassy Box to connect with their partner, this can encourage a sense of fun and lightheartedness into the relationship. You can experience that you don’t need to take yourself so seriously and can also help you recognize the benefits of intimacy.   There’s a special experience shared when you play with a random sex toy or try a new position with one another. Sure, the vulnerability can be nerve-wracking at first. However, with time, it can encourage the connectedness that so many people crave while improving your health!!!

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What is Sassy Box?

Sassy Box

What is Sassy Box?


Sassy Box is a monthly subscription box service offering you a great way to receive premium adult sex toys delivered discretely to your door. Our team has hand select products that will surprise you month after month. Knowing from experience that sometimes it’s difficult shopping for sex toys, Sassy Box makes it easy for you to explore and try new things.   You will receive premium quality sex toys to help you experience more pleasure while you explore your sexual fantasies.

Our blog is a place where we will talk about sexual health and wellness and inspire you to try new things or share your stories. Sex should be fun and exciting, and we all should be curious and try new things!

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